Choosing A Celebrant for Your Wedding in Melbourne

Hiring a wedding celebrant for a wedding in Melbourne is necessary when you aren’t getting married either in a church or a registry office. There are many reasons why people might choose a celebrant. Perhaps you are having a destination wedding or want something that isn’t faith-based. Here is some helpful information that may make the job of choosing a celebrant for your ceremony easier as well as help you ensure you hire the right person for the two of you.


If you are getting married in Australia be sure that the celebrant is authorised to perform a wedding ceremony in Australia. A certificate in Celebrancy (CHC42608) is required. You might have a friend or family who wants to perform your wedding ceremony. If this is the case, a certification is required.

Ask for Recommendations

Have you been to a wedding where you found the celebrant to be particularly charming? Ask friends for recommendations. A celebrant’s personality will have an impact on your memory and the significance of the day. Someone with a great sense of humour can make you enjoy the ceremony. Someone with the right sort of presence can create or set the wedding’s tone.

Ask Questions

Don’t just book someone based on price or availability alone. If you were choosing a wedding photographer, you would do more than search for a name and an availability date. You would make sure that the photographer had the skills to achieve your desired outcome for your photos. In terms of your wedding ceremony, the same planning and selection process is a good idea. While you can’t always view a professional portfolio of a celebrant online, it’s a good idea to schedule a meeting with a few different people that you are considering so that you can determine whether or not their personality and style is in line with your vision for your wedding. Then, you can talk about the type of ceremony you want, review vows, and ascertain whether or not the celebrant’s personality appeals to you and suits the theme of the event. You can gather a lot of information about the individual in a meeting and get a feel for whether or not they are the right person for the job. Yes, the ceremony is about the bride and the groom but the chosen celebrant can help facilitate the ceremony in a way that appeals to the bride and groom making it not only memorable to the couple but the guests too.

Visit One of Their Ceremonies

Aside from word-of-mouth, asking for recommendations and questions, you can also search for celebrants online. Visit their websites then shortlist those that you feel suit your needs. Contact the celebrant by phone or email and make an appointment to meet them in their office. If you think it can help you decide, you can also ask the celebrant if it could be possible for you to witness at least one of their conducted ceremonies.

Book Early

Just like you need to choose your venue and you need to book a Melbourne Wedding celebrant, the same goes for booking your celebrant. The earlier you start planning the better your chances for finding the right person, particularly if you re getting married on a Saturday in Melbourne.

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