Overview Of Australian Accommodation Industry

The Australian hotels and accommodations industry have made a very significant contribution to the economic growth of the country. This industry is geographically spread across the Australian states and territories. New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC), and Queensland (QLD) are the three major tourism destinations in Australia as these states are the home of some of the attractive cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, and Brisbane.

These cities are also renowned for the greatest numbers of airline services and flights. These are also considered as major exit and entry points to get in and out while touring Australia.

The famous tourist attractions of these states are the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, Great Ocean Road, Uluru, and much more. All these tourist attractions are of international significance. The states of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia are also renowned for having the largest percentage of accommodation providers. This is because these states a have very high concentration of tourism activities.

As per the statistics, it has been estimated that New South Wales is popular for having around 26%, Victoria 22%, Queensland 19% and Western Australia 13% of large accommodation properties in Australia.

There is a very high level of competition in the Australian hotels and accommodations because there are many accommodation providers in Australia and there is a very high competition as they provide the same service is various competitive prices. This gives a large number of options to a price-conscious consumer.

Each state and territories in Australia is unique because they exhibit unique characteristics regarding the distribution of accommodation properties and international tourism. Hence, the hotel sector is one of the most efficient accommodation sectors in Australia. Australia is also known for a large number of the guest house, motel sector and the serviced apartment sector.

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