Things You Should Know Before Booking A Hotel In Australia

As you know hotel staying is a fun and exciting experience for all of us if they are clean, hygienic, have all the required facilities, and provide you with personal spaces. Hotel culture is different in different parts of the world.

When it comes to Australian hotels and accommodations, the following are the most common and significant things you should know while planning your stay.

Price Negotiation

The Australian hotels and accommodations industry is known for its competition. One of the best ways to deal with hotel accommodation is to negotiate for the better price option. The best way to get the cheaper rate is to inquire about it. You need to ask the following questions while negotiating with the hotel staff for a better price:

  • What is the best price at the moment?
  • Is there any discount facility for the longer stay?
  • Is there any facility for the complimentary breakfast? It is reasonable to book a breakfast and bed package?
  • Upgradation facility is there or not?
  • How to waive the fee for children in case of any facility as such?
  • Does it match the online rate?

Drinking Water Facility

Make it a point to ask the front desk staff or concierge if you are not sure about the safe drinking water. Generally, most of the hotels in Australia provide you clean drinking water. It is also fine to drink from the tap unless you are staying in the remote area.

The hotel staff may instruct you to avoid the tap water if you are booking your hotel accommodation in the rural area because they generally use tanks.


Australia has passed many federal laws as per which you can’t smoke in the public place. Most hotels across Australia do not provide you with the smoking facility and charge hefty fines if you are caught smoking a cigarette inside. Smoking is banned in most of the public places including airports, restaurants, and all types of public transportation.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, you need to know if tipping is required or not, what are the surcharges you need to pay if you are using your credit card to make payment during the check-out, Wi-Fi is free or not and much more.

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